How to Maintain the Good Condition of your Roof

All of us have encountered a leaking roof once or even many times in our lives. I bet that we all agree that this problem is such a nuisance; instead of chilling and relaxing in the cold rainy weather, we are hassled and taken to the task of collecting the leak or wiping off the floor.

Don’t let this problem come for you, prevent it while you can. You can do this by maintaining the good condition of your roof or hiring Miami roofer services to do the check-up for you. Here’s how.



Safety First!

Before we begin, however, let’s have some precautions to make the maintaining of our roof a little bit safer. Be sure to have an assistant while you work, they can help the task easier, and you can devote your mind solely on the work at hand. They can also hand you things and notify others if you actually and unfortunately meet an accident. They can be anyone, your wife or your older kid.

You also have to keep in mind that you should repair your Roof when it is not raining. Rain makes the surrounding dark, making it harder for you to navigate your roof and it makes it slippery, making the task hazardous.

After making these necessary safety precautions, here’s how to maintain our roof.

  1. General Inspection

Like a doctor diagnosing a disease before giving a prescription, you also have to inspect the condition of your roofing before doing maintenance. The first thing to do is by checking the interior ceiling or attic by looking for stains or dark spots; these signs indicates that water is seeping there and leaking might be in its early stage.

After checking the interior of your roof, check for the exterior. Climb by using a ladder and check for debris and molds on your roof. Check also for bent, loosed, or cracked shingles. Lastly, check for missing nails, flashing, roof bolts.

  1. Remove Debris and other Materials

After inspecting, the First and easiest thing you can do are to remove the debris and other materials that have accumulated on top of your roof. Over time, leaves, branches, and other debris accumulate there and gives off wait for that pressure our roofs. Remove them to relieve tension and to preserve the strength of your roof.

  1. Remove Moss and Mold

If there is an accumulation of moss and mold, remove them by using a roof moss removal. This is important because moss and mold give off moisture to the surface of our roof, rotting and ruining it faster.

  1. Fix or Replace parts

To make it our roof strong, we have to replace the ruined or missing parts of it like the nails, bolts, and flashings. If there are bent or missing shingles, we also have to mend or replace it.

For bent shingles, we can straighten them out by applying heat from an electronic hair dryer. Do not use the open flame from any source, because instead of fixing, it destroys the shingles even more.

If the shingles are broken or crumbled, it is wise to replace them now. Buy new shingles and install them by smoothing its edges, and putting roof asphalt cement on its bottom and sides, and easily put it in the place of the old one.

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